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Finding Hope

Living by our EMOTIONS How do we go through life trying not to let our emotions dictate how our day will be?  Not an easy thing to do, especially when you battle with real anxiety on a daily basis - like me.  For now I will keep it at that and as my mission for this site grows - 'hopefully' so will my testimony of the real attributes of my struggle.  So

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Ill Keep On Praying

I’ll keep on praying, I’ll be on my knees   My struggle is real and nobody knows I keep on praying, I’m on my knees, How did I get in this mess, this how life goes?

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the sparrow

The Injured Bird Today at work I had to walk to another building to grab something and as I was walking up to the other building I found an injured bird on the sidewalk near to the window.  It touched my heart and I had to stop to see what could be done to help this poor little bird that from my perception would probably not make it.  As I inched closer looking for any injuries, the bird did not move but the ba

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